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Thank you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “customer”) for using the website. Before accessing and using our website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”), products, services, software and platforms offered on the website (collectively referred to as the “Services”)). Please review the following terms and conditions: our Privacy Policy and our Information Collection Policy (collectively, the “Terms”).


  1. Accept the Terms of Use

By accessing the Website and/or using our Products or Services on the Website, you agree to and be bound by our Terms and Conditions, including any amendments to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms will be posted by us on the Website from time to time.

  1. Resolution

By accepting the above Terms, you agree that we and/or our partners, including but not limited to creditors, affiliates and third parties. Our representatives (“Partners”) have the right to use your
information and images to view and provide recommendations, products and services, directly or
indirectly (email, phone, SMS, fax, etc.). This also applies to our partners in all areas.

  1. Customization and modification

You agree that we reserve the right to modify, remove or exclude the operation of any element, content or feature of the Website, including, permit the use of, the content of the Terms, subject to you previously agreed. We reserve the right to do so without your original location or island. You understand and agree that the contract term is void and that the renewal term is automatic with the services or products you offer through the website.

We waive any occurrence related to the operation of the website, including, debt collection, delay, interruptions, errors, denials of payment, security failures, disappearance, cancellation of information, access to the return website system, if any or the services we offer do not imply their use.

While we always take great care in ascertaining the information and materials, you understand and agree that there is no guarantee of non-infringement of safety, durability or inaccuracies in this information and materials.

  1. Clients
    We provide advisory services on financial products to clients residing and working in Kazakhstan.
    We are under no obligation to serve individuals or entities outside of our scope of work without
    prior notice. The notice may be in writing or by any other means.
  2. Service settings

You understand and agree that by completing a form, submitting an inquiry, or taking any action in connection with creating an account or registering with the Service, you agree to create an account for business relationships with us and/or our partners, and you have given consent to us and/or our partners to use and store your information and images in the system and allow us to make calls, send emails, exchange messages, consult, notify, provide necessary content related to your needs. You represent that the information and images you provide are legal, accurate and complete.

  1. User information

By visiting the website, filling out information, submitting or storing your information and images on the website, you authorize us to store and use the information and images to provide you with information about services and work related to your request. … You further represent that the information you provide is true and complete, and you release us from liability if the information you provide is incorrect, changed, or out of date.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

Any documents, information, forms, agreements, names, icons, texts, visual aids and any other content found on the Website or provided by us during your use of the services and all related intellectual property rights are protected by us under the provisions of intellectual property rights law. property and will not be transferred to third parties in duplicate or in writing without our prior written consent.

  1. State law and jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by the laws of Philippines, any dispute that cannot be resolved through negotiations will be resolved by the competent authority of the country of Philippines.

  1. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that: (i) all information provided by you is accurate and belongs entirely to you. You authorize us and/or our partners to use your information that we and/or our partners receive in any way, directly or indirectly; (ii) all documents relating to the transaction, notice of conclusion and performance of the contract, made to confirm the transaction, are an obligation for you, regardless of whether you received these documents or not. ; (iii) you understand and are fully aware of all possible risks in entering into and executing the Agreement by means of the Transaction Confirmation.
  2. By implementing the telephone notification method, you agree that we and/or our partners have the right to record telephone conversations. If the Notice, for any reason, may contain one or more erroneous and/or inaccurate information, we and/or our partners reserve the right to correct and
    correct such information by sending Another Notice within 5 (five) business days after that date. …
  3. All content related to the conclusion and execution of Agreements with us and / or our partners, sent / received by the transaction confirmation method, is up-to-date and accurate in accordance
    with the information provided by you, even if we and / or our partners do not retain the original
    Agreement, Notice or any other document sent to each other.
  4. You acknowledge that you have the legal right to transact with us and/or our partners in
    accordance with the rules established by us and our partners, as well as the current legislation of


You understand and agree that the information includes (i) your registration request to use the services provided by us and/or our partners, and (ii) your consent to the provision of services by us and/or our partners, as well as the notice made according to the transaction confirmation method, constitute a complete and valid contract.


  1. We are consultants and we provide the necessary conditions for entering the market for clients in
    need of financing. We are not lenders, we do not make financing decisions, therefore we do not
    fulfill our obligations to provide loans to any individual or legal entity.
  2. By submitting a loan request, you authorize us and our partner lenders to verify the accuracy and validity of the information you provide using internal or third-party tools. Specifically, you authorize the lender to verify your employment by contacting the organization you work for. In all cases, lenders can verify any personal information, your income, credit card information, and other information you provide.
  3. We are not your agent. You must rely on your own judgment and judgment when deciding which
    loan product is right for you.
    Lenders and related service providers are solely responsible for the services/products provided to you. We are not responsible for any loss or expense arising out of your use of the services of such
  4. The information and data you provide to us is preliminary so that we can select the most suitable loan program for you. This information does not constitute a loan pre-approval, loan decision or
    other similar loan. We do not guarantee that you will be able to get a loan from any lending company. The loan approval process and criteria are set by the loan partners.
  5. You understand and acknowledge that we are released from all obligations associated with your loan transaction, and the amount of the loan is determined by you and the Lender based on your request and the consent of the lender. We do not guarantee that the loan transaction will be successful, we only give you advice. With regard to the interest rate, we are not responsible for the interest rate corresponding to your lending activity, this interest rate may increase or decrease depending on the decision of the Lender based on the assessment of the quality of the questionnaire, the amount of your loan, etc. As part of a credit transaction, we and/or our partners reserve the right to request other information from you if necessary.


By accessing and agreeing to these Terms, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”). This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected directly by us and/or our partners, or by us and/or our partners in the course of your visit to the website, whether offline or online. This applies to personal information that we and/or our partners receive through our other websites and any mobile sites, applications, widgets and interactive features of any other mobile device (collectively, the “App”). By providing us with Personal Data, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. You understand and agree that We and/or our partners collect Your personal information for the purpose of (i) helping you access and use our services and/or those of our partners; (ii) advise you. We collect personal information, including but not limited to: full name, date of birth, telephone number, national ID/citizenship, email address, credit and debit card number, country of residence, identification information, gender, photo, income, place of birth residence, place of work, bank account information and other information that we and/or our partners may receive. Subjects accessing, managing and using personal information. We reserve the right to share your Personal Information with other organizations on the basis that we share information with those organizations solely to fulfill our obligations to you or to improve our services. We strive to make these audiences aware of their obligations to maintain the
confidentiality of your personal information, including the following:

●Our managers and employees;

● Our partners, including those with whom we partner in certain programs and activities;
● Advertising service providers;

● Event organizers and sponsors;

● Marketing companies;

● Service providers, including: software and infrastructure information technology (IT) service

● Professional advisers and external auditors, including: legal advisers, financial advisers and

● The government agency must comply with the provisions of the law and the requirements of the
government agency.
We use personal information for business purposes, including but not limited to the following:
● To respond to your inquiries and fulfill your requests by providing services to you.
● Send you notifications when there are any changes to the services you use through our website.
● Provide and support you throughout your use of our services and/or our partners, including, but
not limited to, advice, lending services.

For our business purposes and/or the purposes of our partners, such as promotion of products/services, business analysis and management, market research, testing, development, development of our products and services, improvement of our Site, improvement of our services and products, identification of usage trends , determining the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to promote our website. Tailoring the experience and content of the Website based on your past activities on the Website and measuring customer satisfaction and customer service.

We use the information collected by your browser or device for statistical purposes and to ensure that the websites function properly.

We share personal information with our partners or third parties to conduct business and provide services to you.

We share your Personal Information when we take any action related to mergers and acquisitions, business divisions.

Third Party Websites: This Privacy Policy does not affect and we are not responsible for the privacy, information or other concerns of third parties, including any party. Any third party operating any website that links to our websites. The inclusion of a link to our websites does not imply that we or our affiliates endorse that website.

Duration: We will retain your Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy and the Terms.

Purposes of storage: We store and use your information in order to:

  • help you use the Service;
  • For legitimate business purposes;
  • Ensure compliance with legal obligations;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Carrying out advertising and marketing activities;
  • Conducting customer surveys and marketing research;
  • Improve and improve the quality of service; and manage and collect website/app usage statistics
    and review and update the content and appearance of our website/app.

Editing Personal Information: You have the right to actively update and change your personal information by notifying us. You can also access your personal account on the website for editing. You may ask us to restrict the use of your personal information and/or ask any questions about your Personal Information by contacting us using the following information provided in Part I.

Updates to this Privacy Policy. We may change this Privacy Policy by updating and amending these Terms. You understand and agree to the updated content, the content after editing, and we reserve the right to do so without your prior notice. Ensuring the security of your data: we take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your personal data; However, please note that no system is completely secure. We have implemented various policies to prevent risk and loss of your data.